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July 25th - Kids, Juniors and Adults

Join America's Largest Bollywood musical company. We are looking for talent dancers to join our team. 

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Do you want your child to be a part of a dance company which does more than just teach you how to dance? Be a part of a learning process which builds technique, character, team work, confidence, skill and finesse!

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Anita's energy and the excitement level for dancing has tremendously improved after joining the GSquad juniors. Been able to pick up the steps real fast and able to continue the routines without much help from the practice recordings. The kid is been able to move according to the beats


Upcoming Events

See the opening act of ROARRR at the 37th annual
San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival
We're performing on June 13 & 14 at the Palace of Fine Arts

Photo by RJ Muna

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Indiana Zones

11th Student Musical - Acting Highlights (Nov '14)

Indiana Zones

11th Student Musical - Dance Highlights (Nov '14)

Festivals of India

9th Student Bollywood Musical Highlights (Nov’13)

Star Performer

Aviral Kukreja

Star of Winter 2014 

Gurus of Dance presents its star performer Aviral who has trained over the past 2 years and has shown tremendous improvement as an actor and a dancer... read more

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