Aditya Patel Founder

Guru = Dispeller of Darkness
‘gu’ meaning Darkness, and ‘ru’ meaning Dispeller

Before we begin the journey of Dance, Drama & Entertainment I would like to give tribute to all the gurus that have provided help & direction to people in the world.

We find many Gurus in our daily lives such as

Parents that guide our lives
School Teachers who cultivate our learning
Artistic Teachers that enhance our hobby
Spiritual leaders that enrich our soul

It is my honor and pleasure to introduce and share my Gurus who have had a profound influence in my life

  • Late Gagangiri Maharaj – My Spiritual Guru
  • Late Namdeo Lahute – My Artistic Guru
  • Chandra Patel – My Guru of Strength
  • Ivan Bayross – My Guru of Direction

I hope that this journey continues and my company is able to provide you with the level of Dance Gurus that can make a difference in each of your lives.

Welcome to Gurus of Dance!!!