EARLY BIRD- Take $50 off the full price of $440,  if you register on or before August 1st, 2019

GURULETTS SPECIAL OFFER: A very special discount for our little munchkins 3 years- 5 years of age. 16 WEEKS SESSIONS (Costume Included) $340 (Both Super Early Bird & Early Bird Offers are applicable)

NEW STUDENT - We offer a one time New Student discount of $100 ( $100 Discount of the Full Price) when a student registers for the first time with the company. No other discount can be combined with this.

  • How to get it: use coupon code during checkout “newstudent
  • New Guruletts use coupon code "NEWGURULETT"
  • If multiple family members are New Students, please be sure to place separate orders to avail of this discount.

FAMILY DISCOUNT - When 2 or more family members of the same household, register for the same semester, a one time discount of $15 per person. This discount cannot be combined with the New Student discount.

  • How to get it: email and send us your order number. Please note that the discount only applies if both family members register in the same order.