When does the next session begin / When can I register?

Will there be a performance for students? 

What is the Fee Structure?  

Can I join late? If yes, what are the fees?

What are the promotions or discounts that are offered? 

Are there any advantages to choosing the Semester Payment model, as opposed to the split semester payment model?

How do I enroll for a class?

Can the student perform the choreography learned in class at other related events?

I am a new to the Gurus of Dance program, Can I register for a higher level based on my past dance experience at other locations/event?

What is the minimum age to register for the Gurulette's program?

How many levels does Gurus Of Dance offer at the moment for its Bollywood Dance / Drama program?

Can I skip a level if the timing and location of a class does not suit me?

Is the choreography/routine taught in the class a copyright of Gurus Of Dance?